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The Ultimate Family Project!

 Well, here we go! It's May 2015 and we're starting ""The Ultimate Family Project!" We're going to rebuild a 1967 GTO - and build a web page that tells all about it!

 In my teenage years my dad and I spent countless hours in the garage working on the family cars to keep them going (when you could still do it yourself). I learned a lot of practical things about machines, tools, how to solve problems - and patience. Priceless.

 During my years in the military I restored a 1965 Mustang. Piece of cake.

 Now I'm a dad and it's my turn to lead the charge. Kids, hold onto your hats. This will be one of the hardest, most fun, frustrating things you've done. Put down the video games, turn off the TV, get out of the house and learn something practical! You'll thank me. Yes, you will. Someday. Maybe not soon.....but you will.

 After much searching, I came across this 1967 GTO - most frequently referred to as "the Ultimate Muscle Car!" Not in perfect shape by any means but not a rust bucket either. And IT'S ALL THERE! 400, 4-barrel V-8, 4 speed. Perfect for what I wanted. Just got it home. Now the sweat and knuckle breaking work begins. Stay tuned for progress.

 My kids aren't gear heads. At this point, I don't think they even know how to open the hood of the car. They like computers. O.K. Fine. Then while we rebuild this car, we'll document our efforts on the computer! We'll build a web page that documents just what we're doing.

 So when you check this page over the next couple of years you'll get a double whammy of the status of the car as well as the status of our savviness to build a web page. Just remember where we were in May 2015 - a rough looking GTO and a web page in about the same state.

 I'm telling you, this promises to be a GREAT father-son (and hopefully daughter!) project.

 And so it begins............