February 2016

January 2016

 It's been a looooong hockey season so not much is getting done on the car. Right now the engine is in pieces and the block has been media blasted. The machine work has been done on the crankshaft and block. We've made our final selections of all the replacement parts, they've been ordered and they are arriving what seems like every other day. It's like a belated Christmas around here! . For the techies, the parts list is published on the Drivetrain page.


September 2015

 It is clearly coming to light that the hardest part of getting this project done is to find time to work on it! Between work, the farm and kids going everywhere every other night the GTO tends to take a back seat (pun intended).

 We took off the hood and stripped the engine of accessories. Found a lot of things that mice tend to leave in a car that sits in a barn for a long time.....

August 2015

 O.K. I had the greatest of intentions to do everything on this project that I (we) could do and hire out only what I (we) couldn't do. But then....

 The old transmission was laying in my garage, I'd bought all the manuals and rebuild books. Looked forward to teaching Matt about gears - and then by miraculous coincidence met a retired Army guy that rebuilds Muncies "for a hobby." He had a garage full of Muncies and a spotless M20 sitting on the workbench. I showed him mine, talked about how I needed to buy a new tailpiece, main case, shifter kit, etc.

 Long story short, he offered me a swap price that was less than I could have gotten the parts for - and no hassle to search and search for the parts. Transmission's done.


June 2015

 The transmission is out. The hood and front bumper are off. Grill is next as we we work towards the whole front clip. Then the engine.

 We could have pulled the engine and transmission in one fell swoop. If we were in business that would be the most efficient.

 Lots of lessons learned on both the car and this web page as we go through this project. First, this car was redone many, many years ago and we're seeing just how much was done incorrectly. Nothing we can't fix but we're spending a lot of time in the schematics to identify all the correct parts.

 Speaking of friends, I make no bones about the fact I can't do everything that this car needs. I'll be subbing out a number of tasks or this car won't be on the road for another decade. Hey, it's only $$$. Or I could pester all of my friends for help! Hmmm, I'm not a big moocher and don't feel real comfortable pestering folks. There has to be a better was to solicit help? I think I've come up with an reasonable alternative to getting them here!

 I also think we need to add a page to this web site that lists a mixture of goals, ground rules and lessons learned as we go. Hmmm, what do you call that? Goals, Ground rules, Lessons Learned - GGLL? Sounds kinda stupid.

May 2015

 Got the beast up on jacks. Goal is to get the transmission out and see what we have. First step was to get the exhaust out of the way. Matt's first session on his back under the car!

Underside of Car

 You can see that things aren't bad underneath. A few problems - like the emergency brake cable rubbing across the driveshaft. Wonder how long that's been going on.....