Matt and GTO

Here's the "before." Now we'll take it apart piece by piece. Remember this - we won't see it all together for a looooong time!

Can you imagine being 13 years old and getting to work on a 1967 GTO? Talk about spoiled!

Matt Removing Alternator

Hey! What's with that pry bar on that ratchet?! I thought I taught you to take care of your tools!

There's a first time for everything!

Engine Hanging From Hoist

If Matt were a few years older? Miller Time!

Matt Removes Cam From block

The engine is torn down! Matt removing the camshaft was pretty much the last step in taking it all apart.

Matt's Hockey PIC

As if it wasn't hard enough to find time to work on the GTO, Matt's hockey season is starting. Evenings and weekends at the ice rink - guess we'll have to fit in the GTO on Friday nights.....